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Exquisite Antiques and

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Sen's Antiques San Francisco - Subsidiary of Burton Ching

With effective on August 1, San Francisco Showroom now move to 432 North Canal Street Unit 5 & 6, South San Francisco CA 94080

Premier Collection of Antique Furniture and Accessories

Sen's Antiques specialize in Chinese and European 17 th – 19 th Century antiquities, including furnishings, art and accessories. Whether you are looking for an elusive antique piece for your home or a period piece that is essential for your design project, Sen's Antiques can assist in finding the perfect furnishings to enhance your design or complete your collection.

With a beautiful premiere gallery located in the fashionable Design District of San Francisco and six additional national representative showrooms across the United States, Sen's Antiques are known across the country for their exquisite collections of fine antiques.

For custom designs, or for a piece with specific dimensions, Sen's also create the finest furnishings to your specifications, ranging in design and style from traditional to contemporary.

Our Collections include:

Our Expertise

Sen's Antiques ensure that each piece is of the finest quality and value. Each of our distinctive antiques are personally selected and appraised by our president and antique expert, Mr. Sen Ching. Our collection of Chinese antiquities prominently features pieces from the 17th Century, Ming Tradition to those of the early 19th century. In addition, our galleries include an exquisite collection of 18 th and 19 th Century European antiquities, including furnishings, art and accessories.

Among our Collections and Services, we provide:

  • Fine 17 th – 19 th Century Chinese and 18 th – 19 th Century English Antiquities
  • Rare and Collectible Furnishings, Art and Accessories
  • A Collection of Premier, Hand-Crafted Antique Reproductions, with the construction and essence of the finest made furnishings.
  • A superb quality 13-Step, Hand-Applied, French Polish Finish
  • Custom-Designed and Hand-Created Furnishings and Reproductions in every period and style, from 18 th Century to Contemporary.

For information, contact our showroom at (415) 522-5520.

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