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Burton Ching Collection – San Francisco

Heirloom Reproductions of Fine Antiques

Burton Ching makes reproductions of the finest furniture exactly as the originals were made hundreds of years ago, capturing the artistry and the craftsmanship which made 18 th century furniture so beautiful and so enduring. With hand-fitted mortise –and-tenon and dovetail joinery. With hardwoods and veneers chosen for their beauty and historical accuracy; the finest hardware, imported from England; richly figured carvings, always in solid wood; and exquisite, hand-applied inlay, banding and 23-carat gold leaf.

Sen's Antique's president, Sen Ching, arrived in San Francisco in 1976, where he began restoring and repairing fine antique furniture for his exclusive clients. Through this meticulous and painstaking process, he perfected the skills of recreating any missing antique elements and pieces, and eventually began hand-crafting replications of the complete original antique. After further developing and refining his own methods of making fine furniture, Mr. Ching become a nationally renowned artisan and, later, introduced the Burton Ching Collection.

The Burton Ching Collection of antique reproductions provides furnishings of such beauty and quality that they are virtually indistinguishable from the original.

The Burton Ching Collection of Fine Reproductions is renowned for:

  • The finest, most exclusive collection of antique furniture reproductions
  • Our 13-step, French polish finishing method, giving each piece the proper, luxurious, timeless sheen required for the finest antiques
  • An affordable alternative to an antique piece, with the quality, beauty and aesthetic of the original.

Please contact our showroom at (415) 522-5520 to arrange an appointment to view our collection. We look forward to helping you find the perfect pieces for your home or design project.

View the finest collection of 18th Century antique reproductions at our Burton Ching website.

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