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Custom Crafted Furniture

Sen's Antiques offer our master furniture craftsmen and artisans to create customized furniture of your own design. With well over four decades of experience in working with top designers and architects to create exquisite custom furnishings, you can trust Sen's Antiques to create furniture to your exact specifications and dimensions, in styles from classically traditional to modern.

Sen's Antiques Offer Custom, Hand-Crafted Furnishings for Residential, Commercial and Hospitality

Trained by European and Asian master craftsmen, our president, Sen Ching, and his company of designers and artisans, has extensive knowledge and experience to perfectly create every customized piece for a project of any scale.

In addition, Mr. Ching has also developed and refined his own 13-step, hand-applied, method of French polish, which gives each piece the distinctly lustrous look of a fine antique.

For custom furniture of the highest quality, Sen's Antiques offer:

  • 40 Years of Experience and Expertise
  • Extensive History Working with Top Designers, Architects and Project Planners
  • Master Furniture Craftsmen and Renowned Artisans, Finishers and Restoration Experts
  • Our Team of Trained Furniture Designers
  • Knowledge of Residential, Commercial and Hospitality Projects and Furnishings
  • Our Superb Reputation as Innovative Designers and Respected Furniture Crafters

Contact our showroom at (415) 522-5520 to discuss your project or for assistance in creating your custom design.

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