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History of Sen's Antiques

Mr. Sen Ching, President

Sen's Antiques offer decades of experience and expertise in the world of fine antiques and collectable furniture and accessories. President, Sen Ching, being exceptionally well versed in creating high end European and Asian furniture, opened shop in the San Francisco Bay area in 1974. Having been apprenticed and trained by master European and Asian craftsmen, and taught to craft the finest and most intricate pieces by hand, Mr. Ching became skilled in fashioning the most exquisite furniture . Being proficient at crafting in the demanding world of exclusive European and Asian furniture, he brought his talents to the San Francisco area.

The Premier San Francisco Craftsman

Upon his arrival to the San Francisco Bay area in 1974, Mr. Ching directed his expertise to restoring and refurbishing high-end , museum quality antiques from varying time periods. The restoration process required that missing elements be recreated and that those crafted pieces be properly finished. Never one to shy away from a challenge, Mr. Ching taught himself to recreate the necessary decorative elements, moldings and carvings. Equally impressive, Mr. Ching painstakingly developed and refined his own 13-step finish, a top quality French polish, to ensure that the recreated pieces had the proper colouring, sheen and appearance, blending flawlessly with the finest antiques. With these two added abilities, Mr. Ching was able to impeccably restore all styles and periods of antique furniture.

Custom Reproductions

With the skills necessary to restore antiques, Mr. Ching soon began creating complete reproductions of beautiful antiques. There was a high demand for his superb pieces because they were, in effect, indistinguishable from the authentic antiques; thus, his clientele began to grow rapidly. In 1995, Mr. Ching officially introduced the Burton Ching Collection , showing the finest reproductions available with the specific aspiration of producing exquisite reproductions of antiques to give his clients the look they desired for their homes. With his incomparable work, and exclusive services, Sen's Antiques developed a reputation of excellence.

We Are Known For:

  • Individually Created, Handmade Reproductions
  • A Hand-Applied, 13-Step French Polish Finish
  • Custom Reproduction Furniture
  • Modern & Contemporary Reproductions
  • Rare and Fine Antiques

For Authentic Antique Furniture, Accessories and Art Pieces, contact our showroom at (415) 522-5520. In addition to our Exclusive Collection of 17 th - 19 th Century Chinese and European Antiques, we offer our Collection of Fine and Difficult-to-Find, Antique Reproductions.

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